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Ottewell Junior High School EPSB/Ottewell information

At Ottewell School, personal excellence is the standard. We offer the regular junior high program and the Mandarin Bilingual Program as well as Challenge classes, Community Living Skills, and Behaviour and Learning Assistance. Students can also take French and Mandarin as second languages. Students develop reading comprehension and higher-order thinking skills and are encouraged to demonstrate good citizenship and high levels of achievement.

Ottewell serves a wide range of communities throughout the city, with Grade 7 students arriving from more than 27 elementary schools. We are a multicultural community that celebrates diversity.

Please click on our 2022-2023 viewbook for more information.

English Language Arts - Find Your Voice

Language Arts emphasizes the lifelong application of literacy skills. The six Language Arts strands; reading, writing, listening speaking, viewing, and representing are integrated through a variety of themes and units. Students learn to communicate ideas and experiences, develop critical thinking skills, and contribute to their social and personal growth. Opportunities are provided for students to practice those skills in new contexts, and to explore more challenging learning material.

At Ottewell, Language Arts and Social Studies are often taught by the same teacher, taking a humanities approach to help build connection and enrich learning.

Social Studies - Find Your Place as a Citizen

Social studies provides opportunities for students to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that will enable them to become engaged and active citizens. At Ottewell, students gain an appreciation for history, politics and current events through a variety of engaging methods including guest speakers, simulations, storytelling, and multimedia presentations. As 21st century learners, students have access to digital tools to demonstrate their critical and creative thinking skills by working on engaging projects. Our students will develop their sense of self and community, encouraging them to affirm their place as citizens in an inclusive, democratic society.

Mathematics - Find Solutions

In Mathematics students have the opportunity to learn and practice new concepts and build upon concepts to make mathematical sense of the world around them. Feel free to explore mathematically, and try out those methods that work best for you and become the mathematician you were meant to be. In Mathematics, students have the opportunity to participate in Math contests and our Math Fair that we hold annually.

Science - Find Excitement

In Science, students take an inquiring approach to their thinking of the world. Diverse learning experiences within the science program at Ottewell School provide students with opportunities to explore, analyze and appreciate the interrelationships among science, technology, society and the environment, and develop understandings that will affect their personal lives, their careers and their futures. Field trips and hands-on learning are also a part of the Ottewell experience. In addition, we have numerous opportunities for students to participate in Science teams such as Robotics, Boat Races, Science Olympics, and the Invention Convention.

Physical Education & Health - Find Wellness

In Physical Education, students are given maximum opportunity to participate in order reach their potential. Our goal is to make the program diverse enough to allow every student the opportunity to participate in activities which provide success and enjoyment. Through the Physical Education experience each student has the opportunity to develop fitness, skills, cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership, respect and honesty. Health outcomes are address through specific units within Physical Education programming, with an emphasis on enabling students to make well-informed, healthy choices and to develop behaviours that contribute to the well-being of self and others.