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  • Enrol at Ottewell

    Enrol at Ottewell

    New to Edmonton Public Schools? Click for registration information

    New to the Ottewell Area? Please email or call ottewell@epsb.ca (780) 466-7331 to see if you are eligible to attend Ottewell.


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  • Gifted and Talented Program (formerly Academic Challenge)

    Gifted and Talented Program (formerly Academic Challenge)

    Is your child a highly motivated learner? If so, our Gifted and Talented Program may be for them! This fall we will also be introducing an AEP (Academic Enrichment Program). Please visit our Special Education Program page for more information.  Our open house is in person, and will take place March 9th from 5-7 PM for more information. Any other questions please email us ottewell@epsb.ca

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  • 2022-2023 Ottewell Viewbook

    2022-2023 Ottewell Viewbook

    Want to learn more about Ottewell School? We have created this viewbook to give you insight into what makes Ottewell the school "Where Excellence is the Standard". Click here to view it now!

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Once a Titan, always a Titan

Our Virtual Tour Content is Still Available

Take a virtual tour, scope out our viewbook, and  explore information for Gifted and Talented, our Mandarin Bilingual program and many other areas that showcase our outstanding programs, excellent facilities, and warm and welcoming learning environment.


The Ottewell Experience

Check out our viewbook, our virtual tour and our open house content to learn about our programs, activities, and other unique spaces around the school!  

Join us for our OPEN HOUSE will be March 9, 2023 from 5-7pm!!