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The enrolment conditions for students include:

  • Be enrolled in Grades 7 to 9.

  • Demonstrate self-motivation, interdependence, life-long learning, positive attitude. 

  • Enjoy a challenge, be motivated to learn, enjoy finding solutions and synthesizing information all while being independent and responsible learners.

  • Demonstrate characteristics of academic achievement that would have the current school, in consultation with their parents, recommend the program as an appropriate learning environment for them.

  • Parental support and commitment is encouraged.

  • To ensure that a student is a good fit for the program, the school administration may ask for the following:

    • A previous report card or interim marks report.

    • A teacher recommendation.

    • A parent(s) conversation on program fit.



Ottewell was the first Edmonton Public School Division site for the Junior High Mandarin Bilingual Program. In the Ottewell Mandarin Bilingual program, students have the opportunity to continue developing their Mandarin proficiency so that they can confidently and competently use Mandarin in a variety of situations for communication, personal satisfaction and further learning. Students also develop their cultural competence and international perspectives by learning Chinese language and culture. Students who have studied in the bilingual program in elementary school are eligible to take this course. Students without previous Mandarin class experience but who are proficient in the language may also be able to join this program following an evaluation by our Mandarin teacher. View our Division's description of the Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual program.