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Student Leadership

Leadership Option

If you are passionate about making a difference within this class, your school, and the extended community, then this course is for you! Leadership focuses on topics such as; qualities and roles of leaders, communication skills, conflict resolution, team dynamics, team building and stress management. As a student in Leadership, you will learn about yourself, what you are capable of and what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. You will ultimately grow as a team player, a creative thinker, an effective communicator, and a capable citizen. As a part of this course, students gain experience planning events within the school and volunteering within the greater community.

Examples of events have been:

  • A Touch of Class Dance
  • OtteWELL Day Carnival
  • Pyjama Day
  • Halloween Week

We Act

The Ottewell ME to WE Team consists of a group of students eager to assist in making our world a better place, one day at a time. Through the FREE THE CHILDREN organization we contribute to initiatives that allow for education, clean water, sustainable income, and better health throughout the world.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies firmly believe that friendship is important in the development of all people and that for people with intellectual disabilities, friendship is a medium through which they can become members of the community. As part of our CLS and CLS/BLA program, we partner volunteer students with CLS and CLS/BLA students to read together and help each out by being good friends!