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School Philosophy

At Ottewell School

We believe in:

  • the uniqueness and worth of each individual in our learning community
  • the ability of every child to learn
  • a team approach to learning – school staff, students, parents and the community
  • working together to promote excellence in education

We are committed to:

  • providing high-quality teaching
  • setting high expectations for student attitudes, behaviour and achievement
  • maximizing opportunities for individual growth
  • providing and promoting the establishment of strong relationships based on mutual respect, fairness and trust between students and teachers providing a welcoming, high-quality learning and working environments
  • providing clear expectations for learning
  • emphasizing literacy, numeracy, and critical and innovative thinking
  • engaging students in learning through a focus on 21st-century literacies across all curriculums
  • empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning

What Ottewell Offers:

  • Mandarin Bilingual Program District site 
  • Gifted and Talented Program District site 
  • Multi-award winning Music Program 
  • Science & technology initiatives 
  • Interactive Smartboards in all classrooms 
  • One Windows computer lab, five Chromebook carts, two Chrome-based computer labs
  • A wide variety of option classes 
  • Student Leadership opportunities
  • Opportunity for national and international school trips if available
  • Focus on mental and physical health as well as future goal setting and career exploration
  • A large number of athletic pursuits available 
  • Junior and senior teams in all major sports 
  • Student Fitness Centre, two gyms 
  • Extensive variety of student activities and clubs

To read more about our schools expectations please read our Student Rights and Responsibilites document.  Student Rights and Responsibilities 2021-2022