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Alternative Programs

Academic Challenge Program

Ottewell School is a designated District Centre for the Junior High Academic Challenge Program. High achieving students are clustered for their core subjects while participating in option classes according to their personal choices. Teachers of these students build a differentiated classroom that includes elements specifically tailored to meet the needs of a range of high ability learners. Our Challenge Program will adhere to a standard set of expectations including key program elements and student goals. Programming directions are based on current research and literature related to gifted education.

There may also be opportunities to participate in various academic competitions such as math contests, essay, story and poetry contests, cardboard boat races, Science Olympics, robotics, spelling, and geography challenges.

Academic Challenge Information for the Upcoming 2019-2020 School Year

Academic Challenge Program Testing for those who intend to register at Ottewell School will be held at the school on Saturday, March 9th, 2019, from 8:30 am - 1 pm.  Please arrive by 8:15 am as testing will begin promptly at 8:30 am.

Students will only be accepted into the Academic Challenge Program who submit the application package as well as write the exam. This is the ONLY testing date offered at Ottewell to be accepted into the program.

To register your child for the Academic Challenge Testing at Ottewell School, you must sign up for the Academic Challenge Test using the link above or visit our main office any school day from 8 am to 4 pm before the testing date.


Mandarin Bilingual

Ottewell was the first Edmonton Public School District site for the Junior High Mandarin Bilingual Program. In the Ottewell Mandarin Bilingual program, students have the opportunity to continue developing their Mandarin proficiency so that they can confidently and competently use Mandarin in a variety of situations for communication, personal satisfaction and further learning. Students also develop their cultural competence and international perspectives by learning Chinese language and culture. Students who have studied in the bilingual program in elementary school are eligible to take this course. Students without previous Mandarin class experience
but who are proficient in the language may also be able to join this program following an evaluation by our Mandarin teacher.

Mandarin as a Second Language - Beginner Level

This program is intended for any student who wishes to learn a new and interesting language and more about Chinese culture. China is one of the growing powers in the Pacific Rim and one-fourth of the world’s population
speaks Chinese. The ability to communicate in Chinese is a valuable asset for future career development. This course will enable students to develop the skills necessary to communicate with others who speak and read Chinese
and to better prepare themselves to participate fully in our national and international communities. The program uses a multidimensional approach to language teaching and learning. A variety of activities including music,
role-playing, audio/visual tapes, pair and group work, help students increase their language abilities and interest in language learning.

French as a Second Language

Apprenez! Jouez! Venez à Ottewell pour parler et s’amuser en Français! Learn! Play! Come to Ottewell to speak and have fun in French! The French as a Second Language Program at Ottewell is designed to help students develop
the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to communicate in a variety of real-life contexts involving the French language. Thematic units are used to make French language learning meaningful. Students focus
on speaking skills first, in fun and interactive activities that encourage risktaking and allow time for confident practice. Students will engage in learning activities such as games and music to practice vocabulary and authentic
assessments and complete authentic assessments such as restaurant menus, Olympic coverage, and school tours.