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Senior Girls Basketball 2015-2016

Congratulations to all the girls that have made this year's senior team.

Back Row (L to R): Maddie Lauman, Molly Stetsko, Jenna Roesler, Candace Airhart, Kaitlyn Hartwig, Taylor Chamberlin and Rejoice Philip   Front Row (L to R): Feven Sahlezghi, Angelia Amorim, Emily Weaver , Alex Asuchak, Taylor Haddrell  and Brooke MacKenzie


Junior Girls Basketball 2015-2016

Congratulations to all the girls that have made this year's junior team.


Back Row (L to R): Tessa Parker, Alicia Fyvie, Avril Sitter, Haven Hiscock and Viktorya Ghalechyan    Front Row (L to R): Daisy Palmer, Kennedy Vieira, Makenna Atwood, Claire Woychuk and Natasha MacMullin 


Senior Boys Basketball 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R): Marcus Jamerson, Robert Redix, Owen Weaver, Muhammed Mughal, Joey Petkau and Jaxon Hume    Front Row (L to R): Jackson Weekes, Nathan Maris, Jesse Federkiewicz, Darwin Querido, Matthew Moawad and Michael Chamberlin


Junior Boys Basketball 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Matthew Sutherland, Twana Papin-Beaverbones, Torsten Sopczak, Evan Hannah, Diego Grover, Wei Luo and Zion Preddie   Front Row (L to R): Pardeep Khaira, James Te, Manveer Patti, Declan Golberg and Riker Fediuk


Ottewell Cheer Team 2015-2016

The Ottewell Cheer Team provides participants an opportunity to learn new skills, participate in healthy physical activity, learn about team work and commitment, develop new friendships, increase self- esteem, but mostly just have fun. You do not have to have previous experience to join the Cheer Team. Our very skilled coach and her assistants will teach participants all the skills that they need to know.

Back Row (L to R): Jessy Zhu, Alisha Nguyen, Rionna Owen, Sierra Cysouw, Kiara Corkett, Temi Back Row (L to R): Emily Clouthier, Ksenia Pankratyeva, Viktorya Ghalechyan, Elizabeth Killman, Amanda Mackechnie, Scarlett Shandro, Sydney Hanson and Emma Reierson    Middle Row (L to R):   Cindy Aung Chen, Kaylee Weigelt, Shinzy Wang, Isabelle Skovberg, Sophia Wojdak, Joanne Castin and Elizabeth Cordon   Front Row (L to R): Divya Kumar, Mya Hall, Stephanie Laurenco-Reis, Hannah Arceo, Phoebe Aung-Chen and Cheryl Lee



Cross Country Running 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R): Ariana Valacco, Alissandra Levin, Angelia Amorim, Wei Jin Luo, Evan Hannah, Taylor Chamberlin, Alex Asuchuk, Colleen Lamb and Mrs. Roberts    Front Row (L to R): Ryan Szalacsi, Brant Harker, Shubhman Brar, Matthew Sutherland, Breanna Hill, Lily Zheng and Bailey Roschkov


Boys Soccer 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R):  Mr. Wallbridge, Yooki Lee, Christopher Sutherland, Jordan Van Den Bruel, Aiden Aniskowicz, Seamus Berger-Smale, William Jass, Lukas Gunnermann and Diego Chiesa Grover.   Front Row (L to R): Seth Crowston, Aman Arora, Michael De Marco, Christopher Schade, Matthew Moawad, Raj Maghera and Takeo Ly.


Girls Soccer Team 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R):  Nicole Brodeur, Sarah Sutherland, Jasmine Khumbata, Audrey Sutherland,  Brooke Mackenzie, Feven Sahlezghi, Sareena Sangha and Mrs. Hoffman   Front Row (L to R): Allison Clarke, Bailey Roschkov, Erika Dyck, Tianna Maciborski, Sana Bath, Alexa Spadafora, Yeishaa Bangsajayah and Eden Bretzer.   Missing: Shraiya Rajput


Indoor Soccer Team 2015-2016 


Back Row (L to R):  Jasmine Khumbata, Christopher Schade, Jordan Van Der Bruel, Yooki Lee, Seamus Berger Smale, William Jass, Nicole Brodeur   Front Row (L to R): Seth Crowsten, Sana Bath, Michael DeMarco, Sareena Sangha, Matthew Moawad, Alexa Spadafora, Allison Clarke  Missing: Tianna Maciborski, Diego Grover    Coaches:  Mr. Woodward, Mrs. Hoffman, John Purpur



Senior Boys Volleyball 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R):  Matthew Moawad, Jesse Federkiewicz, Jaxon Hume, Jordan Van Den Bruel, Owen Weaver, Darwin Querido, Carson Graham and Mr. Schade.   Front Row (L to R): Michael De Marco, Matthew Sutherland, Christopher Schade, Yooki Lee, Ian Thomson, Nathan Maris and Michael Chamberlin

 Senior Girls Volleyball 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R):   Kassidee Bur, Emily Weaver, Candace Airhart, Quiana Drysdale, Taylor Chamberlin, and Ms. Denbow.   Front Row (L to R): Eden Bretzer,  Violette Reppert, Shayna Thompson, Angelia Amorim, Aldricia Chong, and Hannah Freeman   (Missing): Brooke McKenzie

 Junior Girls Volleyball 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Kennedy Vieira, Emily Armfelt, Teagan Attia, Molly Stetsko, Alicia Fyvie, Lynn Song, Oriana Campbell, Jasmine Chan and Kyle Reyes.   Middle Row (L to R): Sarah Smith, Kristine Vuong, Vivan Luu, Minjin Son, Dinuji Sathurusinghe, Lily Zang, Colleen Lam, Andrea Rivera, Emily Wigg, Jia Li and Anda Calapodescu.   Front Row (L toR):  Madison Bexson, Summer Chan, Lisa Wong, Kayla Anaka, Bailey Roschkov, Jachelle Chan, Kaylee Weigett, Kathleen North and Amelie Mah.   Missing:  Alex Asuchak and Scarlet Shandro.

 Junior Boys Volleyball 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R): Aiden Aniskowicz, Zion Pneddie, Colby Seminatore, Everett Gross, Case Paul, Conor Truong and Matthew Sutherland.   Middle Row (L to R): Quinn Stockdale, Brandon Luo, Jakob Shapiro, Daylan Brady, Josh Polzir, Takeo Ly, David Moawad, Emmett Moore and Trian Borstad.   Front Row (L to R): Xavier Brown, Aman Arora, Adam Nguyen, Trystan Morin, Soovin Choi, Corey Ly, Matthew Holden and Jason Gillanders.   Missing: Ian Thomson, Nathan Maris, Wei Jin Luo, Evan Hannah and Torsten Sopczak.


Archery Team 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R):  Mr. Schade, Zachary Champ, Marc Lucas, Candy Airhart, Christopher Schade, Grayson Shipley, Emmett Moore and Emma Reid    Front Row (L to R): Ryan Szalacsi, Abram Ilcisin, Corey Ly, Marcus Wong, Danny Astle, Jack Ma and Jason Gillanders 

 Senior Badminton 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Takeo Ly, Christopher Schade, Warren Lim, Nathan Maris, Kassidee Bur, Angelia Amorim and Zony Yu    Front Row (L to R): Karine Chan, Brandon Luo, Bianca Pan, Kyle Reyes, Lily Zang, Vivian Luu and Vincy Fan   Missing: Evan Hannah, Torsten Sopczak and Audrey Sutherland

Competitive Curling 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Erin Pettapiece, Austin Parrott, Gabriel Liu, Torsten Sopczak, Anil Mehrotra and Layne Erickson     Front Row (L to R): Julianna Graham, Corey Ly, Hye Min Park, Aiden Aniskowicz, Quin Roschkov,Wyatt Suess and Bailey Roschkov    Missing: Damian Trueman, Shawn Matsen and Nathan Maris


Fun Curling 2015-2016 


Back Row (L to R): Kiwisk Onespot, Zach Champ, Gabriel Liu, Mikayla Morin  and Aiden Aniskowicz     Front Row (L to R):  Julianna Graham, Joanne Castin, Hye-Min Park, Corey Ly and  Eden Rutto   Missing: Nathan Trueman, Olivia MacBeth and Abigail MacBeth


Girls' Handball Team 2015-2016


Back Row: Patricia Song, Angelia Amorim, Candace Airhart, Taylor Chamberlin, Kennedy Vierra     Front Row: Bailey Roschkov, Karine Chan, Minjin Son, Tianna Maciborski,Alli Clarke                   Missing: Alex Asuchak, Nicole Brodeur, Alicia Fyvie, Brooke McKenzie
Coaches: Kristin Kitigawa, Miss Lam

Boys Handball 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Josh Howie, Robert Redix and Joey Petkau      Front Row (L to R):  Jackson Weekes, Christopher Schade, Brayden Ilnicki and Carter Melendez-Duke

 Boys Rugby 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Mr. Schade, Duncan Morrison, Twana Papin-Beaverbones, Ryan Vieira, Dylan Wells-Mankasingh and Muhammed Mughal    Front Row (L to R):  Marcus Wong, Christopher Schade, Matthew Sutherland, Mark Lucas, and Aiden Aniskowicz

Girls Rugby 2015-2016


Back Row (L to R): Mr. Schade, Brooke MacKenzie, Colleen Lam, Emma Reid, Alexandra Asuchak and Maya    Beakhouse    Front Row (L to R):  Haley Klymok-Dutkowski, Roma Schroter, Naiah Bean and Shannon Reschke 

Slow Pitch 2015-2016

(Back Row): Quiana Drysdale, Haley Roesler, Michael Reid, Sam Popham, Joey Petkau, Jesse Federkiewicz, Jenna Roesler
(Front Row): Wade McGowan, Aiden Ballance, Daryl Greenwood, James Chen, Michael Chamberlin, Brooklyn Roesler, Feven Sahlezghi

Girls Flag Football 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Samantha Reichle, Kaitlyn Hartwig, Candace Airhart, Taylor Chamberlin and Violette Reppert   Front Row (L to R): Sarah Sutherland, Audrey Sutherland, Cierra Topilko, Cheyanne Gladue and Emma Dangas


Boys Flag Football 2015-2016

Back Row (L to R): Marcus Jamerson, Owen Weaver, Jaxon Hume, Robert Redix and William Jass   Front Row (L to R): Jordan Profon, Yooki Lee, Ryan Vieira, Nathan Maris and Mathew Moawad     Missing:  Torsten Sopczak and Darwin Querido   Coach: Mr. Wagner



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