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Science Olympics

The upcoming Science Olympics is fast approaching and the Ottewell team is preparing for the big event. On Saturday, February 28 the following students will represent Ottewell. Gabrielle Smith, Rachel Ellis, Nina Dorsch, Jacqueline Yang and Alison Smith have been working overtime to design and build the two work-at-home events. "Drag Racing" requires the students to build a drag racing car that will compete over a distance of 3.0 meters using only the energy supplied by a 500 gram mass falling through 1.0 meter. "Water Power Illumination" has the students design and build a mini hydroelectric device powered by water falling from a height of 60 cm. Three other mystery events will challenge the team at the event.

Cardboard Boat Races

Congratulations to the following students who won the school design competition and represented Ottewell at the annual Skills Canada Cardboard Boat Race on Monday November 4th! Savanna Blade, Amanda Buchner, Rudra Patel, and Sophie De Souza spent the day at NAIT building their boat from a design and then testing their cardboard boat in the NAIT pool. Their boat, “Bowtastic II” performed very well winning their heat and crossing the pool in good time. The weight competition was next... and “Bowtastic II” met her watery grave. The students had a lot of fun competing against 23 other junior high school teams.

cboat1 cboat2 cboat2


Citadel Club

The Citadel Club is an excellent opportunity to learn about live theatre. Students attend six plays throughout the year and learn about many aspects involved in the production of a live theatre performance. In order to maximize understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation for each play, students do three things. Before attending the play, students are asked to read a synopsis of the play, complete with pertinent historical information and a discussion of themes within the play. Then, the night of the play, students attend a pre-show presentation and a talk- back session.

Citadel Club membership also includes a light supper of pizza and fruit.

In order to ensure the safety of all participants, students sign in with a supervisor upon arrival and parents/guardians sign their child out at departure time.

We are very proud to offer Ottewell students the opportunity to be Citadel Club members.

Titan Robotics Team

The 2014-2015 Robotics teams competed in the Alberta Provincial Championship on January 17, 2015 at NAIT. Two teams of ten students represented Ottewell at this exciting event.

Team "Paper Phoenixes" was comprised of Greg Armfelt, Justin Doring, Rachel Ellis, Spencer Goldthorpe, Joel Goodson, Gabrielle Smith, Jordan VanDenBruel, Maddy Wait, Eric Williams and Kwok-Chun Lai. 
Team "The Unknown" included Maya Beakhouse, Michael De Marco, Warren Lim, Dagon Pardeahtan, Ethan Pretula, Emma Reid, Tait Richards, Alson Smith and Caroline Tran.
The students practiced twice a week from October - January preparing their research presentation and programming their robots to complete missions in the robot game events. In the end, the students learned a lot about teamwork and problem solving. "The Unknown" earned first place in the "Innovative Solution Award" category and "Paper Phoenixes" finished 5th out 59 teams in the robot game!

Snow Angels

This club is open to all Ottewell students. Members go out into the community at lunch and shovel walks after a snowfall. We target seniors and the disabled (who may call the school to sign up for this helpful group of students to shovel their walks), but we also shovel other homes as a goodwill gesture in the neighbourhood.

Knitting Club

A lunchtime activity held 1/week at lunch to teach kids to knit, crochet, finger knit and/or arm knit.  Any project may be tackled. Larger projects require students to bring their own materials, but for those students who wish to just give knitting a try, materials can be provided.

Paired Reading

Students who love to read are paired up with students who struggle with reading. These partners read a novel together each day at SQUIRT in the library for 3 week sessions 4 or 5 times over the course of a school year. This program is open to all Ottewell students.