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Check out the Registration Page of our website for more information about coming to Ottewell.

Measles Message from Alberta Health Services

Please read the linked bulletin from Alberta Health Services regarding the measles.

Language Arts Writing Assessments - Important Dates and Information

Two important writing assessments are coming up soon for students. On Tuesday, April 29, in the morning, all students in all grades will be writing the district Highest Level of Achievement Test (HLAT) at Ottewell. It is important that all students are in attendance and on time on that day; this will be graded as students' final writing assessment. Also, on Monday, May 12, the grade 9 students will be writing the English Language Arts Part A: Written Provincial Achievement Test in the morning. Again, it is crucial that grade 9 students are in attendance and on time on that day. They should also have a good rest the night before and a good breakfast. They should come prepared and are allowed to bring a dictionary and thesaurus with them, along with pencils and an eraser. This test will be graded as grade 9 students' final writing assessment.

*Students who wish to write their PAT on the computer need to return their yellow form signed by parents to Ms. Mulder before April 23.


Attention parents and students. Passports must be handed in to the office as soon as possible to ensure that your child can be registered for the next school year. The only portions that you need to worry about are:

  • Ensure that your name,address, phone number etc are correct 
  • Indication of your choice of schooling 
  • Sign and date the bottom. 

You do not need to fill the course selection portion out. Please see the attached passport picture for clarity.

Ottewell Achievement Results

Ottewell has once again proven to be a top school. Check out the 2012-2013 Year Achievement Results.

Student Play

The Student Directed Play is being Directed By Clare Dalton and Sherry Lee. Tryouts are on Monday, March 31st at noon hour and after school on the same day until 4:30 at the latest. Practices will be on Wednesdays and Fridays until4:30. This play is sponsored by Mrs. Pennyfeather and Mr. Mack. We are looking at a potential production day of Wednesday, May, 21st. (Subject to change)

Honouring Our Voices

Check out the March 2014 edition of the First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit Newsletter entitled "Honouring our Voices" from FNMI and Diversity.

School Council Update

Check out January's School Council Meeting Minutes. Parents are still invited to fill out the School Council Survey

High School Registration Information

As a parent or guardian, we encourage you to review the Edmonton Public School's High School Program Guide with your child to learn more about the choices they'll make as they begin planning for high school. Topics to discuss: transitioning to high school, core courses, complementary course selections, diploma requirements, awards and scholarships, and post-secondary options. The district will send a hard copy of this guide to Ottewell students the last week of January.

Parking in Front of Ottewell

This is a reminder to parents that the bus drop-off area in front of Ottewell must be left free of cars AT ALL TIMES. If you are dropping off, or picking up your child, you may not stop in the area designated for busses. The safety of our Special Needs students is at risk when this occurs, especially during the winter months. Please know that the EPS have been notified of this situation and may be out ticketing cars. Also, please note that it is unsafe to make U-turns in front of the school. We are concerned for the safety of all our children.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Grade 9 Graduation

We are at the point in the year where we are beginning to plan for the grade 9 farewell on June 13th. We have been looking at many venues throughout the South East and have narrowed it down to two. One of the venues is a hotel with seating all on one level and many large structural posts. The posts and one level seating may obstruct some parents and family members from being able to see their child. There would also be limited number of seating which would force us to restrict the number of tickets to 3 per student. The other venue is a church which we have used in the past which has tiered seating as well as holding over 1000 people so there would be no need to set limits for the family members. We are leaning towards using the church as it would give all family members a chance to attend this event as well as be able to see the production without obstructions. We would also like to state that at no time will we be promoting that particular religion and the venue is the better fit for our students and parents. Please contact the school if you have any concerns.

Please contact the school if you have any concerns.

District Accommodation Plan for Schools in New and Developing Neighbourhoods

An information sheet has been created to inform stakeholders of the upcoming consultation sessions regarding the District Accommodation Plan for Schools in New and Developing Neighbourhoods. Principals are asked to share this information with their parents either by posting on SchoolZone or sending home a hard copy. The information should also be shared with staff.

In addition, a Space for Our Students site has been launched on the website. The site gives an overview of the District Accommodation Plan for Schools in New and Developing Neighbourhoods and includes background information; the schools and neighbourhoods being looked at in the accommodation plan; and a list of options being considered. There is also a link to a survey where stakeholders can find the school or area where they live and provide input and feedback on the options that have been developed. The survey will be open until January 17, 2014.

Ottewell's Snow Angels

Ottewell Snow Angels are back. If you know anybody living within a 2-3 block radius of the school, in need of someone to help with snow shoveling, please contact Ms. Donna Prato at 780.466.7331 to make the necessary arrangements to have a snow angel help out!

Health Talk

Alberta Health Services sends out Public Health Newsletters for Teachers, School Staff and Parents. April is dental health month. Check out the April Health Talk Newsletter for parents and teachers with helpful information about dental health.


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