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Principal's Message

Welcome to Ottewell School! This is an exciting time for prospective students and parents as you explore options and choices of junior high schools. Ottewell is an exciting, innovative junior high with a rich tradition of excellence and high standards for all our students. Ottewell School attracts motivated students from over 30 elementary schools who are seeking an academic experience second to none. We are very proud of our school and the variety of programs and extracurricular activities which are open to all students at Ottewell. Our school is focused on excellence in academics, our award-winning Band program, athletics, Mandarin Bilingual program, and the development of high-quality citizens.

Outstanding programs, excellent facilities, and a safe and productive environment await you at Ottewell School. Make your junior high school experience memorable as you participate in a wide variety of teams, clubs, and school events. Strive for excellence while developing the character, citizenship and leadership skills that will give you a distinct advantage in high school and beyond. The highly skilled staff at Ottewell is dedicated to helping each student acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to reach their potential. Together we can achieve great success and create a school where excellence is the standard!

I encourage you to visit our school so that you may experience our fantastic programs, meet our outstanding staff and experience the sense of Titan pride and commitment to our positive school culture that is evident in our classrooms and hallways.

Mike Morison


We believe in:

- the uniqueness and worth of each individual in our learning community
- the ability of every child to learn
- a team approach to learning: school staff, students, parents and the community
- working together to promote excellence in education


We are commited to:

- providing high-quality teaching
- setting high expectations for student attitudes, behaviour and achievement
- maximizing opportunities for individual growth
- providing and promoting the establishment of strong relationships based on mutual respect, fairness and trust between students and teachers
- providing a welcoming, high-quality learning and working environments
- providing clear expectations for learning
- emphasizing literacy, numeracy, and critical and innovative thinking
- engaging students in learning through a focus on 21st-century literacies across all curriculums
- empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning


Gifted and Talented Program (formerly Academic Challenge)

Is your child a highly motivated learner? If so, our Gifted and Talented Program may be for them! Please visit our Special Education Program page for more information. You may also visit us at our Virtual Open House on Tuesday, March 8th from 6 - 8 PM, more information to come. For any other questions please email us ottewell@epsb.ca


2022-2023 Ottewell Viewbook

Want to learn more about Ottewell School? We have created this viewbook to give you insight into what makes Ottewell the school "Where Excellence is the Standard". Click here to view it now!