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Complementary Courses and Languages at Ottewell School

French as a Second Language

French - Apprenez! Jouez! Venez à Ottewell pour parler et s’amuser en Français! Learn! Play! Come to Ottewell to speak and have fun in French! The French as a Second Language Program at Ottewell is designed to help French learners develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to communicate in a variety of real-life contexts. Common areas of interest and thematic units are used to make language learning meaningful and engaging. Students focus on speaking skills first in fun and interactive activities that encourage risk-taking and allow time for confident practice. Students will engage in learning activities such as games and music to practice vocabulary and complete assessments such as lip-syncing to popular French songs, interpreting lyrics, giving school tours, and creating board games.

Mandarin as a Second Language

Beginner Mandarin - This program is intended for any student who wishes to learn a new and interesting language and more about Chinese culture. China is one of the growing powers in the Pacific Rim and one-fourth of the world’s population speaks Chinese. The ability to communicate in Chinese is a valuable asset for future career development. This course will enable students to develop the skills necessary to communicate with others who speak and read Chinese and to better prepare themselves to participate fully in our national and international communities. The program uses a multidimensional approach to language teaching and learning. A variety of activities including music, role-playing, audio/visual tapes, pair and group work, help students increase their language abilities and interest in language learning.

Fine Arts

Art - Students are able to explore a variety of mediums and art forms, including sketching, drawing, painting, pen and ink, mixed media, wire sculpture, plasticine sculpture, and 3-dimensional sculpture. Through looking at other respected artists, collaboratively sharing their own work, and reflecting on other students work around them, they are able to appreciate a variety of different artistic styles while developing their own personal artistic style.

Drama - Drama is not only for those who are good at acting. Drama is an important course for everyone. It helps build greater personal appreciation for the fine arts. In Drama, students can experience and explore life skills in a safe supportive, caring environment. Development of skills using voice, expression and body language will assist in strengthening personal confidence and presentation. Students in drama will experience theatrical games, mime, vocal exercises, one minute speeches, monologues, broadcast techniques, and improvisation. Develop your creativity and imagination!

Music - Welcome to our award winning music program that is quite simply second to none! The grade 7 instrumental music program gives students the opportunity to expand their musical knowledge by learning a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. Previous musical experience is not a requirement. Students in private or group lessons (i.e. piano, violin) are encouraged to participate to enrich their musical experience. These students will be a valuable asset to the program. The school band performs at school concerts, local and regional festivals and school presentations. Students can attend overnight music camps and festival trips. At the start of the year, students are given the opportunity to experiment on all the instruments before selecting the one that they feel they would be most successful at. All grade 7 music students are members of the Ottewell Grade 7 Band and have the chance to participate in a beginner’s day, two school concerts, two music festivals, and a three day music camp.

Communications and Media - Students will explore the many facets, elements and principles of print and digital design, internet computing and web development. The course combines art, and the use of a computer to explore the limitless world of creativity. Students will also learn how to use digital SLR cameras as a part of the design process. They will be using professional and industry standard programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to develop vector drawing skills as well as image correction and manipulation techniques. Students will then use computer programming to bring their creative projects to life with HTML5 and CSS, producing fully functional websites.

Film Studies - Film Studies introduces students to the study of different genres of film such as drama, suspense, comedy and Hollywood blockbuster. The goal of this course is to help students understand how the makers of film structure their work to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience and the historical differences in filmmaking between different genres and between different directors. This course involves discussion, presentation and writing about film.  

Photography Do you love snapping photos and creating instagrammable images? Dive deeper and learn the ins and outs of digital photography in this class! Gain a fresh perspective or a new lens, if you will, in which you view the world around you. In this introductory course, students will learn the basics of using a digital SLR camera (provided), characteristics of good image composition and explore digital image editing  methods. They will use skill building techniques while expanding their artistic expression.

Wellness and Leadership

Environmental and Outdoor Education - Do you enjoy life in the great outdoors? Environmental Education prepares you for the world of fishing and hunting. Sleep in a lean-to that you build yourself and learn to use firearms safely in a controlled environment. We also learn to chop wood and whittle around the fire. Other activities include skating, crosscountry and downhill skiing, rock climbing and 3D Archery. Students will have an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the role that outdoor activities play in the achievement and maintenance of personal fitness by participating in a variety of activities. 

Food Studies - Join the only class where you eat your assignments! Work in teams interpreting recipes to make everything from fresh cheese to chicken wings and fajitas. Recipes take your taste buds around the world: butter chicken from India, fettuccine alfredo from Italy, hummus from the Middle East, and more! Participate in food challenges: muffin makeover, casserole creation, and food truck sliders. In these challenges you write your own recipe from scratch and then whip it up in the kitchen. We’ve been known to have teachers stop by to judge the best original creations. 

Leadership - If you are passionate about making a difference within this class, your school, and the extended community, then this course is for you! Leadership focuses on topics such as; qualities and roles of leaders, communication skills, conflict resolution, team dynamics, team building and stress management. As a student in Leadership, you will learn about yourself, what you are capable of and what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. You will ultimately grow as a team player, a creative thinker, an effective communicator, and a capable citizen. Students gain experience planning events within the school and volunteering within the greater community.

Sport Fit - Do you enjoy being physically active or want to improve your fitness level? Our new Sport Fit option course might just be right for you! Students will be exposed to fitness routines that enhance muscle stability, strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, and overall fitness. You’ll also learn about physiology and anatomy, nutrition and hydration, sport psychology and sport medicine and develop your leadership and mentorship skills through a variety of on and off-site activities such as yoga, Zumba, swimming, and much more! The goal of Sport Fit is to promote active living and a healthy

Career and Technology

Construction - Students are offered an introduction to construction and fabrication processes through a large variety of project work. No prerequisites are required, and students are encouraged to progress at their own rate. Students will learn tool and machine identification, how to use tools and machines safety, project planning and construction, and finishing. Shop safety is always given top priority. Projects may include the following: coin bank, bowl, tool tray, foot stool, serving tray, gavel, jeep, pen/pencil, CO2 car, step ladder, canoe paddle, and many more!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers are the most rapidly growing fields in today’s society. The goal of our STEM option courses is to develop skills such as collaboration, problem solving, research skills in a creative environment that allows students produce original ideas, objects, and structures using concepts and skills from math, science, and technology. Students will be engaged by frequent hands-on activities geared towards combing each of the STEM disciplines. Ottewell offers four distinct and unique STEM focused option classes: 

Coding - Students learn how to think logically and problem solve while learning to code. Using block-based coding, students create a wide variety of animations and games to bring their imagination to life. From music videos to interactive short stories, and from platformers to pong, students create a wide variety of products which can be shared online for others to experience.  

Robotics - Robots, and the code that runs them, is the future, and never before has the future been so entertaining! Students will build a variety of different robots, and program them to complete various challenges. From simple remote controlled robots, to complex machines specialized to complete specific missions, students will love tackling these challenges.

3D Design and Printing - This exciting option combines prototyping process whereby a functional object is created from a 3D design. It is also known as desktop fabrication or additive manufacturing. Students develop a basic comprehension of 3D printing and some of its real world applications. We used the Tinkercad web-based program to design, troubleshoot, and print 3D projects relating to a variety of themes.

Forensic Science - Solve the mystery of the missing cookie! Take fingerprints to find out whodunit! In Forensics, students are engaged with hands-on problem-solving, investigations, and discovery through inquiry.  They are challenged to look at problems in new ways, utilizing real world applications of Forensics and connections to Biology, Chemistry and Physical Science.