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The art environment at Ottewell School is one where students can actively acquire and reinforce art skills and techniques. A physical space is set up to freely make mistakes and then learn how to make adjustments to create works of art that are at the highest artistic level of each individual. Using a variety of mediums such as graphite, charcoal, water, tempera and acrylic paints, chalk and oil pastels, and found object, students will have opportunities to explore their limitations. The students over a three year period will be exposed to various forms of art in both two and three dimensions. In addition, students can enter the art program at any level (grades 7, 8 or 9) without any prerequisite.

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The Ottewell Music program is one of the most recognized junior high music programs in Alberta. Students in this program receive instruction on wind instruments and percussion and have the opportunity to play in concert and jazz ensembles. Students in this program are active at local and provincial music festivals where they take home numerous top honor awards, and often receive "best overall" and "adjudicator's top choice" standings. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in music camps and band trips as well as concerts at Ottewell School, Winspear Center, and the Edmonton Yardbird Suite.

Congratulations to all the Ottewell Music Students for another OUTSTANDING year of music making. All the students worked hard and performed their best at all the camps, festivals, trips and concerts during the school year.

Grade 7 Band
Superior - Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival
Superior "Performance Only" - ABA Festival of Bands

Grade 8 Band
Superior - Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival
Best Grade 8 Band - Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival
Superior - ABA Festival of Bands

Grade 9 Band
Superior - Wagner Invitational Music Festival

Concert Band
Superior - ABA Festival of Bands

Jazz Band
Most Outstanding Jazz Band - Alberta International Music Festival

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Communications and Media

Grade 7
This course combines art, problem solving and the use of the computer to explore the limitless world of creativity. Students will study the role of communication through commercial and visual art. In this course students will be studying the use of vector art and will be developing their technical skills in Adobe’s Illustrator vector drawing program. Students in this course will first develop technical skills used by graphic designers and then will apply those skills in developing their own brand and vector graphic art portfolio.

Grade 8
In this course, students will explore the many facets, elements and principles of design and be working with raster (pixel based) images. Students will produce visual compositions using design industry standard Adobe Photoshop to create a portfolio of print and web based images. Students will learn skills in image correction and manipulation. They will learn various masking, selecting, cloning, filter, enhancement and adjustment techniques to bring images together in a meaningful and problem solving way.

Grade 9
In grade 9, this trimestered option course's focus is internet computing and web design. Students will learn the fundamentals of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Students will use the knowledge and skills gained over the duration of the course to produce fully functional websites that may be published to the web. Students that have taken the grade 7 and/or the grade 8 course will get to use their graphic art skills in the design of their sites  and learn how to take their design mockups to structure and internet computing code.

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In this course we explore the many practical uses of wood. Students have the opportunity to learn how to measure, cut, shape and construct functional projects from various types of wood stock and metal.  Students have the opportunity to learn some basic woodworking and metal fabrication skills, and to create objects that are functional, fun, and visually appealing.

SAFETY is always of paramount importance.

This course covers four main topics: Safety, Measurement, Hand and Power Tool Identification, and Project Planning and Building.  Some of the things students will have been exposed to in the course include wood joinery techniques, wood classification and characteristics (soft woods, hard woods, plywood, MDF), proper wood finishing techniques, building projects to required specifications, and the safe use of machinery and tools.

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Drama is a course which promotes 21st century skills. In this course students will improve their communication skills, collaboration skills, critical thinking, creativity and confidence in a fun, playful environment. The disciplines of the Junior High Drama program include orientation, movement, speech, improvisation/acting, technical theatre and theatre studies. Opportunities for all students to participate in Drama are also offered outside of the regularly scheduled class time. We offer a Christmas Family Night production in December and a Spring Special production in May. In addition to singing, dancing and acting, students are invited to write, direct, manage and produce these productions. Extracurricular mini workshops and Lunch Box Theatre will also be offered throughout the year.

Contact Mrs. Pennyfeather to find out more, or to share your ideas, resources or support.

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Environmental Outdoor Education

Grade 8 Outdoor Education
Fishing Eucation, Fly tying, Fly casting, Fly fishing, Ice fishing, Knot tying, Archery, Rock Climbing, Cross Country skiing, skating and Downhill skiing/snowboarding.  The field trips planned are:  rock climbing, fly fishing, ice fishing and Rabbit Hill ski/snowboard.

Grade 9 Outdoor Education
Hunter Education, Knife skills, Wood chopping, Fire building, Shelter building, Winter camping, Skating, Cross Country skiing and Archery. Our culminating event is the survival and marksmanship camping trip to Point of Aim Shooting Society.

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If you have walked through the halls of Ottewell and noticed a delicious aroma, it is most likely coming from the Foods lab. Students are learning how to prepare a variety of foods, with grade 7's focusing on basic recipe vocabulary and kitchen appliances The grade 8's are into baking - biscuits, cookies and all sorts of yummy things. The grade 9's are exploring meal preparation, with a third of the class spent on breakfasts, another on lunch and the final third on dinners. Yum!

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Mechanics 7

“Mechanics 7” option course explores a branch of science called physics and mechanical engineering. This option has students plan, design, build and test projects/structures called "Balloon Cars", "Straw Towers", "Mousetrap Mobiles" and "Catapult Launchers". Students work independently or in partner groupings to complete their hands-on projects.


Physical Education

At Ottewell we believe Physical education must be a place where students are given maximum opportunity to participate in order to reach their potential. All students should be provided with quality physical education by a qualified physical education teacher. Teachers who create an environment that is both physically and emotionally safe so that students at every skill level feel comfortable participating.

Our goal is to make the program diverse enough to allow every student the opportunity to participate in activities which provide success and enjoyment. Through the Physical Education experience each student should have the opportunity to develop fitness, skills, cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership, respect and honesty.

Physical education is an important part of a student’s education program; it instills in students the confidence and knowledge to make physical activity choices in their daily lives.